Using our Cores to maintain a high engineering structure, WKS has created the line of commercial doors to provide an attractive economical option to our customers.


You can choose from:


  • Different thicknesses; 1 3/4, 1 9/16, and 1 3/8.
  • Limited variety of veneers and designs.
  • Decorative laminates.
  • Paint line.


We offer a wide range of door design options for residential buildings, offices, and schools, manufactured in series.

The Core available in our Commercial Doors Line is the Tubular core.

This core allows us to provide a solution for a lightweight door weighing approximately 40 kg, whereas a solid door gives us an approximate weight of 60 kg.


The benefits of making the door with a Tubular core are its lightness, which makes it easier to transport in tall buildings.

In addition to having these features in its structure, on the exterior, you can choose a veneer, either natural or pre-compose, as well as commercial and exotic wood species. You can select cuts, assembly, and direction of the grain. You will also have the option of decorative laminates (HPL) and painted finishes according to the requirements of your project.




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